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Valerie J. Christell’s photomontages explore aspects of the nature of existence and humankind’s relationship to the environment.  She builds and merges layers of images of the human figure and environments of trees, grasses and bushes in order to create her black and white metaphorical statements.  The images she captures in her camera are treated like found objects, brought together in Photoshop through an intuitive process that supports her existential ruminations. 


These social statement photomontages are exhibited through juried, group and invitational exhibitions as well as solo exhibits in art venues that include the Museum of WI Art, Anderson Art Center, Charles Allis Art Museum, Delafield Art Center, Galleria Edge, Merge Gallery, Racine Art Museum, Translator Labs, Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, and Wright Museum of Art. 


Christell is the Director/Curator and Curator at Alfons Gallery, where she continues Merge Gallery's social statement engagement by curating exhibitions exploring cultures and advocating for social justice, peace, and the environment.  

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